Self Storage Units


Our goal is to provide the best self and mini storage value in Pagosa Springs.  We offer a wide variety of indoor climate controlled, outdoor garage and RV, trailer or equipment parking.

Indoor Climate Controlled Storage
Indoor Climate Controlled

We have two types of climate controlled storage units.  Second story office type spaces and first story street access units.  


  1. Second Story units: 

    • 10 x 12 - $75 per month.  Contact for availability.

  2. First Story Units: 450 square feet.  $300 per month.  Contact for availability.

All the indoor units are heated with electrical access at no additional charge.

Outdoor Self Storage
Outdoor Garage Units

We have a variety of different sized outdoor garage self storage units.  All have easy direct street access.

  1. 5 x 10:    $40 per month.  Contact for availability.

  2. 10 x 10:  $60 per month.  Contact for availability.

  3. 10 x 15:  $70 per month.  Contact for availability.

  4. 10 x 20:  $95 per month.  Contact for availability.

Storage Containers

Eighteen brand new metal containers were recently added.  All are 8' wide, 20' long and 8.5' high and sealed (no water or dust).

$100 per month per container.  10 containers currently available.